Detached Garages & Storage Sheds in Kennewick & The Tri-Cities, WA

Even if you don’t have a long line of vehicles sitting in your driveway that you would prefer to park in a garage, a detached garage could be a great way to add value to your property. Give guests a secure place to park their cars away from the Washington elements or use your detached garage for another purpose, if you wish. Detached garages can act as guesthouses or that man cave you’ve always wanted. We also build full-purpose shops and storage sheds if you've run out of room in your garage or current storage area. Avoid paying month after month for a storage shed that isn't yours. Own a storage shed on your property! Contact us to discuss all of the possibilities.

Kennewick & The Tri-Cities, WA and the Columbia Basin

Examples of our work: Shops/Detached Garages